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Dan Zahle graduated from The National School of Acting at Aarhus Theatre in 1995 and has since then worked on a vast number of productions as an actor and a singer.

In his wide-ranging career Dan has performed in musicals, plays and readings, feature films, short films, tv-series and experimental underground projects.

In 2012 Dan Zahle debuted as a playwright with the production "The Fall of the UFO Hunter" at Theatre Får302 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This production also marked the the debut of the production company UmDieEcke of which Dan is a co-founder.
The company also produced the critically acclaimed play "The Monkey"  - an adaptation of Franz Kafka's "A report to an Academy. 

In 2019 Dan played the role of Hitler in the critically acclaimed and award winning (Reumert) one-man show "Winter of our discontent",

Currently, Dan is working on developing a new production, which is expected to premiere in the 24/25 season.

Dan can be seen in the musical 'The Last Ship' with music by Sting at Østre Gasværk in 2025.


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Winter of our Discontent (Theatre)

Review extracs

“You will experience a disproportionate amount of mental discomfort when you see Hitler saunter onto the stage looking every bit the hot dad as imagined by Hugh Grant’s stylist from Love Actually. Dan Zahle grips the room with unquestionable control and power. The stage is his alone and that’s how he prefers it; he settles comfortably into the role as your host for the duration.

Underneath the white crisp shirt, the subtle arrogance tinted with the self-deprecating irony of a wild and humiliating rage seeps out. The endless perfect smile that houses both his obvious charm and unspeakable cruelty, reassures us and fills the room with a tight tension. It is nothing less than sickening when he regales the stories of the death camps and just when you relax your mind and think you are safe, he then turns on this golden smile, leans back, relaxes, and lightens the mood all the while looking you straight in the eye.” - Weekendavisen

"“Dan Zahle creates a dangerous and bone chilling portrait.” - Frederiksborg Amtsavis

“It is a personable and strangely relatable Hitler you meet in Winter of our Discontent at Husets Teater as portrayed brilliantly by Dan Zahle. You don’t need a profound knowledge of history to recognize the growing discomfort when he challenges and jokes around with his audience; moves in between the rows of seats, into your space and acts like a real human like you and me. And like the real Hitler, Dan Zahle is seductive. He knows the power of words and he is bending them to his will.”  - POV

“It is a masterclass in how to command a room as deftly as Dan Zahle in his portrait of one of history’s most unlikeable and unsympathetic humans of all time. He does not denounce or villainize Hitler, he reveals to us a man with incredible character and incredible flaws.” - XQ28

“Dan Zahle is nothing short of eminent in his portrayal of the Chancellor of the Third Reich. The portrait of Adolf Hitler is both captivating and frightening all at once. Andreas Dawes’s Winter of our Discontent at Husets Teater is overwhelmingly good – and Dan Zahle is intolerably good." - Sceneblog

“With seemingly effortless ease Dan Zahle transforms himself into a psychopath, all the while maintaining an appealing and mild tone which in an instant bounce to a spitting fury and rage. This is a testament to the complexity of work he delivers. It is an overwhelming experience to be in the same room as Dan Zahle’s macabre presence. " - Atlas Magasin

“A nuanced dissection of the most archetypical examples to incite hatred as a human motivator, in our time, is on display at Husets Teater. You will experience a timeless review and cautionary portrayal of what could be waiting for us just around the bend. Dan Zahle’s version of Adolf Hitler is stripped bare of clichés, and he is as much Hitler as any other actor who have taken this controversial role upon himself.” - Ungt Teaterblod

“Theatre monologues are only successful when the script and the performer unite forces and bring forth a story so compelling that the audience lose their sense of time and place. Dan Zahle achieves just that at Huset’s Teater. He lays out the little dictator’s madness as an exhibit and guides you through the seduction of a People and the degradation of everything else. He becomes the icon we all have been taught to hate from the time we were able to hate. He becomes Adolf Hitler - the symbol of all things vile, cruel, horrible, the unthinkable and inhumane.

Dan Zahle shows us the human. The human being whom we will never quite understand but must never deny the existence of. With conviction and stoicism, we are allowed to be witnesses to the dictator’s final thoughts and reflections on his experience in our world.

As I step out of the darkness, I have the uncanny sense that I just witnessed the last hours of Adolf Hitler’s life." - Wrdsmth

The Monkey (Theatre)

“… A dramatization of Kafka’s short story A Report to an Academy. With a formidably played rendition by Dan Zahle [...] An eminent and thought-provoking piece." - Weekendavisen

“Dan Zahle plays the part of the Monkey to perfection. In the short hour he does not merely “play” the monkey, he IS the Monkey. From the cumbersome beard to the imitations, voices, and body language and let's not forget the bananas – every little detail goes into ‘creating’ the monkey. Zahle manages to give Red Peter unchallenged presence with both heart and soul.” - Ungt Teaterblod




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