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Dan Zahle

The production company UmDieEcke was established in 2012 by Dan Zahle in collaboration with producer Mette Peters.

UmDieEcke's first production was the play  ”The Fall of the UFO Hunter”. It premiered on theatre Får302 in Copenhagen on the 17th september 2012.
A tragicomic play about faith, exstremism and UFO´s.

Dan Zahle created both manuscript and set design, and played the part of the torn UFO hunter Gert Molbec.

UmDieEcke's second production was an adaptation of Franz Kafkas novelle "A report to an Academy", now titled "The Monkey".

A tale of forced assimilation into an alien culture. The play premiered on Copenhagen Musical Theatre on the 31th

August 2015.

UmDieEcke's vision is to focus on big issues through odd angles.




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